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We are passionate about music and everything related to sound. From acoustics to sound systems, the studio has been designed and built to serve music, artists and producers.

We optimize the master according to its operating format.

If you choose the “digital & vinyl” option you will receive an optimised master for each medium

Mastering references

for digitalor vinylmedia


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Audio Mastering

for digitalor vinylmedia

A correction cycle is included in the price

Test us!

For an EP or an album, on request and depending on our availability, we will be happy to do a free test on one of your tracks.

Your files format

In order to do a good job, it is important to provide us files with enough dynamics (ideally 15db or more). Also leave some margin for transients (generally we recommend 6db minimum). Avoid any processing on your master bus if you are not sure what you are doing. Especially if it’s a compressor or worse a limiter because these treatments are difficult to reverse! Don’t forget to leave a blank second at the beginning and end of the song.

Format: wav stéréo 96Khz, 88.2Khz, 48Khz ou 44.1Khz de préférence 24bit.

Payment by bank transfer or paypal

Depending on your preferences, you can pay by bank transfer or by PayPal .
To use PayPal as a payment method you need to have a PayPalaccount or a credit card.

Come to the studio!

If you wish to validate and finalize your mastering at the studio, we would be pleased to welcome you. . Just order online and make an appointmentby email: contact[@], or by phone: +41 79 678 41 26

A passionate engineer

Your masterings are done by Sylvain Ehinger, an experienced engineer who listens to your expectations.

An electronics engineer by education and a great fan of music and technology, Sylvain Ehinger spends many hours assembling, repairing and creating synthesizers and effects of all kinds. This allows him to refine his own sound and to push the limits of his favourite devices.

Mastering comparisons

réalisé par Pixelgroove

Pixelgroove is equipped
with full range monitors

Pixelgroove is equipped with A25-M PSI Audio in-wall monitors and an A225-m PSI Audio subwoofer, as well as a pair of A14-M PSI Audio close-up monitors.

This equipment, coupled with the extremely high quality acoustics of the studio designed by Joël Godel, allows us to intervene with complete confidence and to concentrate on your artistic intentions.
> PSI Audio ambassador

Come to the studio, contact us

We are located in Switzerland
near Yverdon
20 minutes from Lausanne
and 1 hour from Geneva

Rue de la Forge 14,
1438 Mathod,
email : contact[@]
mobile : +41 79 678 41 26

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