Individual vinyl cutting

A principle more than a hundred years old to give shape to the music of today


For artists or groups wishing to materialise their music, to complete the catalogue of a jukebox, for a crowdfunding operation or for a gift, Pixelgroove allows any audio file to be cut to disk in one or more copies.


What you need to know...

What files to provide?

We can cut your audio files directly to vinyl by applying a standard setting (included in the price). This is recommended when you want to transfer already mastered files to vinyl. The final sound quality depends directly on the quality of the files provided Use uncompressed formats if possible (wav, aif).

Formats: wav, aif, mp3, mp4, … (stereo ou mono). For wav and aif files, please specify the frequency if other than 44.1khz.

Name your files

Name your files according to their position and the desired side on your disk, prefixing their name. Example:

Face A : a1_name.wav, a2_name.wav, a3_name.wav
Face B : b1_name.wav, b2_name.wav

What is the length of time available on a vinyl record?

The length and quality of recording possible on one side dependsdirectly on the size of the disc (7″,10″,12″), the desired playback speed(33tr, 45tr) and also the music itself.

For example: a 12″ disc with 8 minutes per side in 45tr will sound better than one with 16 minutes per side in 33tr. You have to choose the best balance between quality and duration.

You will find the maximum recommended durationper side on each article.

How to do it?

1. Order your vinyl record(s) and cover(s) from our online shop.

2. Upload your files via SwissTransfertor Wetransfer tocontact[@]

3. We cut your vinylsand send them to you. (the average delay is about 2 weeks).

A modernized Thorens cutting machine

The cutting machine used is a unique model based on an original 1949 machine designed and manufactured in St-Croix (Switzerland) by the brand Thorens..
The modernisation of this cutting machine was carried out with passion by Sylvain Ehinger on the advice of Flo Kaufmann, a recognised expert in the field. The aim was to simplify the engraving process by automating it and to add possibilities that were not available in 1949, such as stereo or at 45 rpm.
Students from the electronics section of the “Centre Professionnel du Nord Vaudois” also participated in the automation of the engraving machine.

References Gallery

Customised vinyls and covers by the artist Malizia Moulin alias MalMoul CRéATION(malmoul[@] References : Shai Maestro, Mike Dred,…

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