Engineer – Sylvain Ehinger

Sylvain Ehinger

Sylvain Ehinger has been passionate about everything related to sound and music since his childhood. When he is not producing music, he spends his time restoring, modifying or creating synthesizers and audio equipment of all kinds which he uses in his artistic activities.

For more than 25 years, he has been developing his skills in his musical projects (Xewin, The Shamanics, Cobalt,…).

In 2012, Sylvain Ehinger created the Pixelsoundrecording studio and then the Pixelgroovemastering and vinyl cutting studio in Mathod (VD).

Sylvain prioritises his customers satisfaction and adapts his way of working to the needs of each project.

Areas of expertise: Mastering, vinyl cutting, production

Engineer - Sylvain Ehinger - Pixelgroove Audio mastering & production - Yverdon